FKP Extracurricular Activities help to learn new skills  and develop talents, interests and passions and go beyond academics.

They gain exposure and we re-enforce retention through participation in events/concerts, tournaments, contests and stage shows. Many programs also require learners to appear for Graded examination to get certified (which is optional/at the students discretion).

For Eg: Trinity Certification for Speech and Drama, Trinity Guild hall and Rock & Pop for Music courses, etc.

However regular participation and continuity of the sessions attended enables the advancement of the learning and acquiring of a particular skill. These program are spread across for a minimum term of 12 sessions (Once/Twice a week) spread over 3-4 months and can be renewed further depending on the interest of the Learner/s.

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Arts and Crafts

  • Arts for Toddlers (3-5 Years)
  • Best from the Waste – Creative Crafts for 5+ Years
  • Arts for Grade School and Teens (Canvas Painting, Pencil Shading and Glass Painting)
  • Artscape for Adults (Canvas Painting, Pencil Shading and Glass Painting)

Music: Vocal and Instruments

  • Keyboard 6 + Years
  • Acoustic Guitar for Grade School   6 + Years
  • Drums – Be a Drummer for Grade School – Teens and Adults
  • Hindustani Vocal 6 +Years

Theatre Language and Reading

  • Speech & Drama (Sr.K.G.)
  • Speech, Elocution and  Creative Writing  6+ Years
  • Story Telling  3 to 5 Years
  • Reading Club  6 + Years
  • Spell Bee  6+ Years

Early Reading and Phonics

Chess and Maths

  • Chess and Math Program  4+ Years

Dance and Fitness

  • Dance- Toddle Feet and Creative Movement  3 + Years
  • Dance- Jazz Funk  5+ Years
  • Dance- Bharatnatyam,  5+ Years
  • Dance – Ballet 5+ Years
  • Gymnastics  4+ Years