POOJA JAISINGH , the Founder of FKP is an alumini of  the prestigious IIM calcutta.  

She has has held various leadership  positions in her successful career spanning a period of 14 years in Taj Group,  ICICI Prudential  AMC and later at HDFC Bank.  She gave up her lucrative career in order to enjoy her motherhood.

Pooja has completed “Special Educational Needs” Course from International Open Academy.  She has also done her Jolly Phonics in extended form.

As a stay at home mom and enjoying her “Motherhood” Pooja organized” Baccha parties”  and many activities for son Kaabir and his friends. 

While exposing Kaabir and his friends to various activities ranging from painting to puzzles  and organizing  outdoor outings  and celebrating festivals……. she realized that these activities were not  just about keeping the kids occupied with some activity.

Pooja understood that “Learning could be made Fun” and the kids while having fun also learnt

  •  Sharing and team building
  •  About themselves and the world
  •  Higher order thinking skills
  •  Social and emotional intelligence
  • Cultural values 

Based on her corporate background, Pooja understood the need for a structured approach to her idea of “Learning through Fun” and started “Fun Ki Pathshaala”

Pooja and her team are also certifed  “Jolly Phonics Professional Trainers”.

Pooja has also enhanced her skill by completing a course on “Special needs education” from the International Open Academy.


A very key member and pillar of support for  FKP from its inception days, she is Pooja’s mother in law.

She is a vivacious and fun loving person with a confident attitude.

Born and brought up in Tamil Nadu and educated in Sacred Heart School in Yercaud. She is also a passionate Bharatnatyam dancer.  For many years now, she has been doing Freelance research assignments for the FMCG sector. She also runs her own set-up called “Choc-o-Cheers” which sources chocolates for Corporates during Diwali and New Year.

FKP now benefits from  her exuberant energy and love for children as she contributes on three days of the week as a FKP administrator.



Teena is highly energetic and positive in her approach.  Talented and a trained Kathak dancer she conveys a lot through her expressive face as well. She has taken part in theatre, dance dramas and street plays during her university days. She is also observant and generous in her praise.

A commerce graduate and post-graduate diploma in Human Resource management from Symbiosis, she has the right skills to be part of FKP.

Teena had secured second place as best teacher, while teaching primary kids about social work by  NIE( News paper in Education by Times group) in the year 1997-98. As a “faculty Partner” at Pooja’s Early reading Room in FKP, Teena has taken a pledge to extend both her professional and parenting skills. She is also a certified Jolly Phonics Trainer.


Wendy has been very successful in her corporate career.  A commerce graduate, she has worked with ICICI securities for 5 years and later with JP Morgan for 12 years.

As a business manager , she was part of  the research department in the Debt trading division. This exposure has increased the awareness of the importance of a calm and positive attitude to be successful and Wendy is very patient and focused . 

She also believes that a positive experience in the ‘early years’ encourages a love for reading. The children  interact easily with her. She wants to share her love of reading through Poojas early reading room. Wendy is also a Jolly Phonics certified trainer.



They are dynamic young girls and the women power behind FKP.  All three are Go-getters and an asset to FKP. They take care of all the Administrative and Operational related assignments in FKP centres.

Sana and Indu Natarajan have both been groomed and trained for Self-employment by “Ramakrishna  Sarada Samiti”.

Sana and Gul are pursuing in S.Y.B.A from K.J.Somaiya college and Skamal (Indu) is pursuing F.Y.B.A from Khalsa college, Matunga.

Sana is the oldest FKP family member who joined FKP on the first-year anniversary of FKP 13th June 2016 and has remained since then. She has come a long way and is passionate to learn communication and language. She sees herself as an evolving Orator and practises language and communication day in and out with the FKP family.

Gul has a background of teaching and manages the Bandra centre on her own. She is very structured and is very effective in her current assignments.

Indu is the youngest and the newest family member. She has come on board in March 2017. She is a passionate Bharatanatyam dancer and is pursuing this as a hobby. She will be supporting FKP Wadala operations along with Sana Ansari and will also manage the administration of Music sessions at Shishuvan School in Matunga.

FKP is blessed to have a united team of this college girls who are also dear friends.

FKP associates with the best and renowned faculty partners.

FKP ‘s  Faculty are  leaders/experts in their field.

They have rich experience and are masters in motivating your child to excel.  

Highlights of our Faculty are:

  •  They are Curriculum and Subject matter experts
  • Associated and involved with Top schools of Mumbai. Have expertise in handling and training big group of children through School formats.
  • Certified in their respective field of training
  • Are abreast with new methods/curriculum through regular participation in workshops by recognized institute’s.
  • Our faculty partners have also broadened their horizons and reach by displaying their experience through public and social domains like: Kalagodha Fest, Equal Street, Everlands, Happy Fest. This is over and above their presence in top schools and activity centre’s within and outside India!
  • Last but not the least – Most of our faculty on board are “Mothers” who are child sensitive and can cater to each child individually to derive the best out of him/her during the sessions.