FKP Holiday camp’s offer an extensive range of activities for children aged 3-13 years.

Our experienced team delivers sessions that are age appropriate and are unique both by their content and methodology. Programs are hand picked and customized to avoid overlap from the regular extra curricular activities on offer. 
Every day session is designed to foster fun-way learning  through both Indoor and ONE day on the field. Camp formats are very flexible allowing parents to attend from One single day to 10 days with each day having a different topic. Programs which require a consistency and continuity are also offered through camps. Over 2 years FKP has conducted 8 camps spread across Summer, Diwali ( Winter) and Christmas. All our camps have been  house full with children of all age groups and various schools coming together. Few topics covered during our camps are:
1) Junior Radio Jockey during the FKP SUM-FUN 2016
2) A day with a Voice Over Artists from “We Kids Radio”
3) Health talk by a Paediatric
4) No- Flame cooking 
5) Science is Fun by an Academician 
6) Cupcake and Christmas candle accessorizing
7) A day at Prince of Wales Museum 
8) Toddler fun at Make and Bake Studio…..
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summer camp 5
summer camp 4
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