Learning outside classroom is the most looked forward pattern of learning by children since  its launch October 2016.

They get to experience and gain knowledge outside in open and in an informal way with friends. Visits are planned to Museums, Galleries, Arts and Sound Studio, Machinery and Production plants. The  batch size is 15 with 3 volunteers per group lead by an Academician or a Professional Curator to ensure adequate and correct learning. Through this children not only experience learning through new environment but also build closer bonds with learners from various schools and backgrounds.

FKP LOC’s are conducted for two broad age group 3-5 years and 6+ years.

 LOC’s  which FKP has conducted since November 2016: 

1) RBI Monetary museum for 6+ years
2) Prince of Wales Museum for 6+ years
3) Make and Bake Studio for Toddlers (3-5 years)