Learning or Acquiring a skill can be spontaneous and fun during our Weekend Knowledge Sessions

The sessions are planned for a maximum of 1.5-hour  and conducted over weekends when children are relaxed and happy to learn in the play mode.

The structure and content is developed and offered by Academicians who spend a lot of time researching for this set of weekend events. Faculty of these events are veterans who love to share their knowledge and expertise in a fun-way.

We try to involve parents and attending a knowledge session as a family has proved to be both fun and successful.

Over 200+ students  have attended following Educative events over weekends:

  • Fun Dental Event
  • Bournvita “Quiztonic “– Colours of India and All about India
  • “Cosmos” for Kids: An event about Solar System
  • “A Day with Dad”: Quiz on Sports
  • Christmas Arts and Crafts workshop
  • Spell Bee Contest
  • British Council Reading Challenge Program
  • Inventions and Inventors
  • Globe Trotting
weeekend knowledge